Preview: Tour De Fun 2014
We at This City's Full are proud to announce the official lineup for this year's Tour de Fun Festival!

For those that don't know Tour de Fun is a bike centric music festival that has grown exponentially over the past three years from it's humble beginnings in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and will proudly be making it's debut in Nashville this April. The festival will feature various local bands and talented artists that all perform, create, and reside in Nashville. The 4th annual ride will take place on Saturday, April 12th and will begin with a cookout and live music at 11:00 AM in Riverside Village. Tour De Fun participants will ride out at 1:00 PM, visiting 15 venues, and watching over 30 local bands perform. At sunset, the ride will end at The Pavilion East. This will definitely be one of the events of the year, and the This City's Full Crew will be there in force, providing you all with documentation of the days events along the way.

Tour De Fun 2014Lineup:
Meth Dad
Body Of Light
The Joy Of Painting
The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
Shy Guy
Awesome Shirt
Linear Downfall
Josephine and the Wildfront
Bows and Arrows
Dot Com
Penicillin Baby
The Prophet Nathan
Ben Spinks Supermelt
Girls And Money
Young Breh
Creature Comfort
Crayons and Antidotes
Mantra Mantra Mantra
Don Coyote
The Subnovas
Jung Youth